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*Notice: No shows will be subject to a $100 no show fee unless they cancel within 24 hours.

Office Hours

  • Monday to Friday
    8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

  • Infusion Clinic Only:
    Saturday and Sunday 8:00 A.M. to
    12:00 P.M

*Notice: No shows will be subject to a $100 no show fee unless they cancel within 24 hours.

Dr. Vipul Desai Talks About The Coronavirus COVID-19

New Video!

Coronavirus update Interview with Dr Vipul Desai, MD!

In The Know episode 16 - Covid 19 update from Houston Center for Infectious Diseases:


Job Activity/Duties:

  • Enters information necessary for insurance claims such as patient, insurance ID, diagnosis and treatment codes and modifiers, and provider information.
  • Ensures claim information is complete and accurate.
  • Submits insurance claims to clearinghouse or individual insurance companies electronically or via paper CMS-1500 form.
  • Answers patient questions on patient responsible portions, copays, deductibles, write-off’s, etc.
  • Follows up with insurance companies on unpaid or rejected claims.
  • Resolves claims issues and re-submits claims when required.
  • Prepares appeal letters to insurance companies in disagreement with claim denial.
  • Collects necessary information to accompany appeal.
  • Ensures patient statements are mailed on a regular basis.
  • Works with patients to establish a payment plan for past due accounts in accordance with practice policies.
  • For patients with coverage by more than one insurer, prepares and submits secondary claims upon processing by primary insurer.
  • Has adequate understanding of managed care authorizations and limitations to coverage.
  • May have to verify patient benefits eligibility and coverage.
  • Knowledgeable on insurance and reimbursement process.
  • Basic understanding of medical ICD 9/10 codes and CPT medical billing codes.

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HCID is PRN - Infusion Nurse

Job Activity/Duties:

  • Provides infusion and other nursing care to patients
  • Placing Peripheral IV as needed
  • Manages central venous access devices
  • Takes professional responsibility for self-protection during required work in potentially hazardous situations (handling of blood and body fluids.)
  • Patient and caregiver teaching¬†
  • Implementation of physician orders
  • Monitoring patient response
  • Response to emergency patient needs
  • Communicates to physician and other health care providers, as appropriate, any changes in the patients’ condition.

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HCID is Hiring Medical Scribes

HCID is Featured on Review it

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  • A flu vaccine reduces your risk of becoming ill and lessens the severity of the flu if you do get it.

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We are a Hepatitis C Treatment Center

We are a Yellow Fever Vaccination Center (temporarily unavailable)

We are a Travel Medicine Clinic Click Here To Know More

Houston Center for Infectious Diseases

Houston Center for Infectious Diseases was founded in July 2000 by Dr. Leonardo Palau. His vision was to create a state of the art clinic for treating infectious diseases. We provide consultation services in the hospital and office setting and we offer intravenous (IV) therapy in the home or office.

Our focus is to provide excellent care in patient recovery and treatment.


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