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Travel Medicine

Travelers to countries in Africa, Asia, South and Central America might require advanced planning and advice from a physician concerning vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis. Travelers should also be advised on how to prevent common infections from contaminated food, water, mosquito and tick bites. Our clinic provides all necessary requirements to meet the demands of your country of destination and reading material to help make your overseas travel infection free. If you need an appointment with our Board Certified physicians, please contact our office at least two weeks in advance of your departure date.

Services Provided in a Travel Medicine Practice

Assessment of the health of travelers and their underlying medical conditions, allergies, and immunization histories.

Information should be maintained in permanent, accessible records.

Assessment of the health risk of travel, including evaluation of itineraries, duration of travel, reasons for travel, and planned activities.

Preventive advice, which should be available in verbal and written form.

The following subject areas are of greatest concern:

  • Vaccinations and vaccine-preventable illness
  • Travelers' diarrhea prevention and self-treatment
  • Malaria prevention and insect avoidance measures
  • Vector-borne and water-borne illnesses
  • Personal safety, security issues, appropriate behavior
  • Sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV prevention
  • Environmental illness, including altitude, heat, cold, diving, motion sickness, and jet lag
  • Animal bites and their treatment; rabies avoidance
  • Problems specific to long-term travelers, expatriates, and business travelers
  • Travelers with special needs (eg, pregnant women, individuals who have diabetes, immuno compromised individuals, individuals who have had a transplantation)
  • Travel medical kits with information on travel health maintenance, medical evacuation insurance, and access to medical care overseas.
  • Post travel assessment for returning travelers